First Step of LittleJoy

Hello people!!

Welcome to the my journey where every steps bring a little joy for me and hopefully for other people as well, including you. I love travel and every time I travel I find a little joy here and there which at the end of the day make me joyful and feel grateful for the chance I got to see new things, beauties around the world and so on. So, in this blog I will record my travel journey, my experiences during the travel. I hope that I could give inspiration for any reader who might want to travel to the places I traveled.

Aside from my travel journal, I will also record my thoughts in this blog for as I travel around, sometimes some random thoughts popped up in mind. I want to share this thought hoping that it could inspire or motivate or at least let people see some of my perspective in life.

Well, anyway, have fun roaming around this blog. I would appreciate any comment or questions from you.

Warm regards,


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